Machinery and Moulds

  • Machines for the production and finishing of brushes

  • Machines for the production of mops and squeegees

  • Machines for the production of industrial brushes

  • Blister packaging machines

  • Injection molds

  • Automation technology

  • Service, spare parts, and training


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Raw Materials

  • Galvanized and stainless steel wire for industrial brushes

  • Brass wire for industrial brushes

  • Low-carbon steel wire for brooms and twisted brushes

  • Anchor brass and alpaca wire for toothbrushes and cosmetic brushes

  • Round staple wire for household brushes and brooms

  • PET- or PU-coated wire for small or interdental brushes

Synthetic Monofilaments
  • Nylon 612 (TYNEX®), Nylon 610 (HEROX®), and Nylon 66 for cosmetic brushes and toothbrushes

  • Nylon filaments with abrasive elements for industrial brushes

  • PVC, PT, PET, and PE filaments

Natural Fibers and Mixtures
  • Hog bristles

  • Horse tail hair

  • Mixtures of hog bristle with PVC, PP, PE, PET or PBT